From the Platinum Desert

  • Artist: Cubed
  • Release Date:
  • Genre:
  • Produced By:

Turtle Funk is a vibe filled eclectic super jam, twisting and turning down the effervescent canyon walls that are your ears. Juxtapose poppy slap bass with lightly floating vocal chops and a moombahton breakdown.

Pots N’ Pans in a found sound mega collage framed by a hearty scoop of subbass and 808’s. A vibe similar to finding yourself in a reverberous moonlit storm drain at midnight.

From label residents Cubed and Kathryn Jane comes a 5 O’clock train straight to discoville. Accented by guitar riffs and rolling hihat grooves, Kat’s vocals drift softly on the sonic surf of groove.

Bringing up the rear of the EP, a tightly wrapped up, 909 laden, house party that tributes the minimal roots of house while also exploring the fringes.