downUP is a movement. This mysterious trio has been hiding for the last few years making beats. Find out more of their identity through their music.


A nomadic soul constantly traveling through the western united states, simplyput. originates out of the deserts of Arizona & has an ear for quality basslines that will get every soul moving out on the dance floor. Drawing inspiration from European, Australian, Tech & Deep House artists, simplyput.’s taste for creativity will definitely leave an imprintContinue Reading


Savagez produce Dance Floor Destroyers! Without a doubt, Dominic Dremel and Michael Elliott, a.k.a. Savagez, are starting to take sight with their massive Big Room Electro and Progressive sound. With productions consisting of very uplifting melodies and dance floor destroying drops, these two are taking the scene by storm. While they may make their tracksContinue Reading


The first female on the Drip Drop Records squad, Kathryn Jane is vastly different from any cookie-cutter preconceived notions of singer/songwriters. Kathryn’s many years playing piano and singing have yielded some amazing results with the Drip Drop family. While her own sound is quite experimental, her ability to collaborate with others makes her invaluable inContinue Reading


LICK brings an underground dark vibe to the music scene unlike anyone has heard before. Drawing influences from hip hop, dark techno brazilian and deep house, he has perfected his sound that will make you move on the dance floor. LICK has emerged from an unknown location of the underworld releasing music with heavy bassContinue Reading


Out of Los Angeles, FlipstiK brings a sweaty “warehouse vibe” to his Techno/House tracks. The best way to label a FlipstiK track would be to call it “BIG ROOM TECHNO”, due to the extreme build ups, into dark, mean, minimal drops. He likes all of his things to be black, while matte black is theContinue Reading


Zach Willett is an American electronic music artist who writes and performs under the alias CUBED. He is a self taught musician and producer with a strong emphasis on the do-it-yourself mentality. With a foundation as a “sub-par” guitar player, stumbling across a digital audio workstation in 2009, was the fertile soil to plant theContinue Reading


Founder of Drip Drop Records. Likes to party with is crew, DJ, and make tracks. Hates long walks. Hates genres. If you see BMARX, he’ll be happy to give you a high-five, and he’ll probably tell you that YOU are awesome. BMARX is an old-school DJ with a new-school twist. With over 20 years inContinue Reading