Our team has mastered tracks for some of the most prominent labels in the world. We offer multiple levels of mastering, and discounts for multiple tracks. We have two primary ways of mastering your tracks:


Stem Mastering involves submitting all of the “stems” from your song to us. We can touch-up your mixdown while we’re mastering, and we can isolate tracks for enhancement as needed (bass, kick, etc.). Clients are usually most satisfied with Stem Mastering, although it is more costly than Standard Mastering.


If you’re feeling confident in your mixdown and you feel your song is ready for our mastering team already, our Standard Mastering services are for you. With our Standard Mastering service, you submit a “pre-master” to us (24bit, .wav, 6dB of headroom), and our team of engineers will make it shine. Our team has less freedom to enhance certain components of your track than Stem Mastering (see above), but we can assist you with better dynamics and pumping your track up to club levels. Standard Mastering Includes 1 revision at no additional charge.

Email us at for rates and more information.